Character Creation

is a story about ordinary people who overcome an extraordinary situation (or don’t…). That is probably something you hear a lot out of books, movies, what have you but I am not using it because its an overused saying, I am using it for one word, ordinary.

You are an ordinary person. Remember this.

Primary Attributes

When creating a character, the player assigns a value to each of the six Primary Attributes, typically ranging from 1 to 5, with the human maximum being a 6. This is done, as stated before, by “buying” an Attribute value with the available character points. This value represents the limits of the character with that Attribute. The higher the Attribute value, the more accomplished the character is in that area. The following paragraphs express some guidelines for Attribute levels 1 to 5.

Level 1: The character is below average in that Attribute. A Strength of 1 indicates a poor physique, either a petite or flabby, sedentary person. A Dexterity of 1 indicates clumsiness, a character who is likely to drop things, not to be trusted with delicate manual work unless the person has trained very hard to do so. An Intelligence of 1 is below average — not mentally challenged, but certainly a bit slow on theuptake. A Perception of 1 is the trait of a character who is not very aware of his surroundings, and likely to miss what’s going on around him. Characters with a Constitution of 1 are delicate and often in poor health: they are the ones who get sick first, and their low physiques may be caused by abuse of drugs, tobacco or alcohol. A Willpower of 1 depicts a person who is easily influenced by others, a follower, and somebody who is likely to succumb to temptation.

Level 2: This is the average for human beings. Most people in any given group have Attributes in this range, typically with one or two Attributes at levels 1 or 3.

Level 3: This is above average but not extraordinary. A Strength and Constitution of 3 show some athletic aptitude, probably belonging to somebody who works out regularly and vigorously, or a natural athlete who has not taken time to develop his talent. Characters with a Dexterity of 3 are graceful individuals. Intelligence 3 indicates a bright person who can easily learn new skills, if he has the temperament to do so. With a Perception of 3, the character has good senses and intuition, and is not easily fooled or confused. A character with a Willpower of 3 is rarely convinced or bullied under normal circumstances.

Level 4: An Attribute at level 4 is well above average. Very few people — perhaps one out of every ten in a random group — have an Attribute at this level. Strength and Constitution 4 can be found only in athletes, including the best football players in a large high school, or college campus, extensively trained Special Forces soldiers, and other people who spend a large amount of time and effort keeping in shape. A Dexterity of 4 would only be common among gymnasts, acrobats, dancers and other talented individuals. Mental Attributes at level 4 indicate near genius (Intelligence), very acute senses and intuition (Perception), or an “iron will” (Willpower).

Level 5: This is the “practical” human limit. While people with Attributes at level 5 are not “record breakers,” they are among the best and the brightest representatives of humanity. In a small or medium-sized community, only a handful of people will have one or two Attributes at this level, and they are likely to be wellknown for their strength, wisdom or toughness. Cities, large college campuses, and groupings of Survivors have more of these extraordinary individuals, but even there they will not be common.

So now we have a good idea of what each number represents within the real world. Your character is going to probably be around 1 to 3 in each category. If you happen to believe that your character needs to go beyond that please get with me and we will talk it over. Also remember that your character can have a 0 or even a negative score in one of his/her attributes.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary Attributes will be calculated as the rule book states.

Character Creation

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