Welcome to Cherry Hell

Session 1
Zombies hit the fan

A mysterious crash causes major road closures and bridge access into the city of Philadelphia. Several Cast Members investigate, discovering that Federal Agents and CDC personnel are already on scene, and that there is no evidence of any kind of chemical spill, but something terrible did happen there. These Cast Members are apprehended by the authorities and taken to Kennedy Hospital, where they are interrogated and quarantined due to possible “exposure” to the “chemicals” that were involved in the spill.

Meanwhile, crash survivors were taken to Kennedy for treatment, where Jakob Mox comes into contact with one who was classified as “unresponsive”. He soon comes out of his stupor and has a some kind of break with reality, ending in his escape and suicide as he jumps into oncoming traffic and is ran over by a bus. Dr. Mox is then quarantined for his contact with the patient.

A few days after the crash, people all over town start falling ill, getting intense fevers and nausea. Some die from the fever, others recover after a few days, only to die a short time afterwards. Other Cast Members are quarantined after coming into contact with sick people.

Soon the dead start coming back to life, and our Cast Members in quarantine are shielded from the initial shock, confusion and horror of this discovery by the general populace, but not for long. Our cast soon escapes quarantine during the first outbreak of Zombies, and head to their homes to gather supplies and wait at Mady’s home to barricade themselves for a few days. Everyone in town who can tries to leave the city, creating massive traffic jams, while people continue to get sick and more zombies rise from the plague deaths and from zombie attacks.

One of the Cast says he has an underground bunker at his Tinkerer’s workshop, as he has been waiting for the end of the world in some sort of fashion for years now, and the Cast travels there to try and wait out and survive this outbreak. They make repairs to the fence surrounding the area, and hunker down for two weeks, as society begins to change all around them. They begin venturing out into the nearby area to scavenge for supplies and weapons, and encounter groups of zombies, barricaded homes, but no other living survivors..yet.


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